The Healing Journey

Bearing witness to the manifestation of an unfolding dream is as mesmerizing as watching a flower bloom.  The widening pedals spread in revolution—creating its own sweet temple. It is fresh and delightfully fragrant, as the blossom settles into the perfect position.  Its stem postures itself erect, to behold the sun.  It is free; knowing that its source is above and below and surrounding and within.   It sways flexible with the breeze the dance of humility. Giving from its overflow, it feeds the humming birds, expresses pollen and blesses that which blesses it. Sweet green buds push through the earth and tightly wound bulbs take form and grow to open. It begins again.



To see a flower bloom is as miraculous as being in a dream made manifest.  The unfolding of each blessing slowly comes into view. I unlock my heart and my heart receives.  My evolution progresses as rapidly as the sun travels the earth.  My posture is becoming more erect as I behold my source of strength. Living in a dream made manifest I sit still, inhale grace and surrender with every exhale. that which is above me and below me and surrounding me and within me.  The unfolding of a divine manifestation evokes an enthusiasm within. This miracle is held in the expression of gratitude.  Sweet dreams will always push away the stifling darkness.  The tightly wound unwind and unfurl and they prepare their wings also take flight.

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