Our Inspiration

During our 200-hour Yoga teacher training in Berkeley, California, we realized our calling to do more in expanding the reach of Yoga.

As one of  four women of color among the 15 aspiring Yoga instructors enrolled in the training, I recognized that Yoga in the Western world was only reaching a small portion of those in our local community.

I am committed to expanding the reach of Yoga to a diverse set of genders, ethnic groups, languages, body sizes, physical abilities, levels of fitness, and ages. To disrupt the common program design of many of the leading East Bay yoga studios would be to provide multi-generational programming for Yogis otherwise without access to a regular practice.

I founded Karma Yoga Tribe to support the goals to increase access and awareness to individuals, families and communities. At Karma Yoga Tribe, we aspire to create an atmosphere where all participants are welcomed, fully accepted, and whose collective needs are addressed through curated programming in line with our values:





My background in social services me to provide services to the low-income communities throughout the East Bay by:

  • Partnering with East Bay non-profits to provide yoga services to their constituents.
  • Provide satellite Yoga classes for individuals whose finances will not afford them access to yoga.

Funding for this initiative is provided by grants from our sponsor, The Social Good, as well as 10% of Karma Yoga Tribe profits.

We are excited to grow the impact of Karma Yoga Tribe. Thank you for your support and involvement, no matter how small, in bringing Yoga to the broader community.


– Kimberlli